Despite the fact that women today are employed in greater numbers and in a wider range of roles and occupations than ever before, girls still tend...


We're looking for women from all industries, trades and services to volunteer...


We're excited to bring our inspiring women to meet your inspiring students! IWNS is here to make the program easy for you, and fulfilling for your...


Since our very first event at a high school in metro Halifax in 2015, we have been changing ideas about careers.
If you want to volunteer,...

It’s about bringing professional women and high school girls together to inspire careers of choice, fulfillment, and reward.

It's about sharing, guiding, and motivating: igniting the spark.

It's everything you wish someone had told you in high school.

And all it takes is just one hour.

Inspiring Women NS wants high school girls to understand that when it comes to career options, there are no limits. And who better to inspire them than professional women who want to share their own educational route, career path, and experience, up close and personal?
It's an opportunity to move beyond stereotypes, to ignite aspirations, and to set a course of self-determination.

Volunteer to Inspire!
Our school needs inspiring!