For Schools

We're excited to bring our inspiring women to meet your inspiring students! IWNS is here to make the program easy for you, and fulfilling for your students. We offer two very similar programs for high schools, depending on how many high school girls will be involved, and how many volunteers you invite. Both programs last about an hour, and take place in the school, either during or after school hours. A teacher is always present.

Career Talks: Ideal for smaller numbers of high school girls (less than 20), and for 3 - 5 of our volunteers. Each volunteer speaks for 5-10 minutes. These talks usually take place in a classroom.

Speed Career Networking: Best for larger numbers of high school girls (more than 40), and for 6 - 10+ of our volunteers. There is one volunteer per table. After a pre-determined time, each volunteer rotates to another table while the girls stay at the same table throughout. Numbers usually require the use of a gymnasium or assembly hall.

We accept requests from high school teachers and guidance counsellors here.
The programs are entirely free – for high schools, volunteers and employers.